loking fore a rorqual pilot but not ho expensive.

have a look

how much u planing to take?


or in that area

ill buy it fore 11 bil

Yours for 12B.

can u wait untill my friend coms online?
hes the 1 with isk

ill buy it fore 12bil

OK I make a sale thread, one moment.

so how doest it work

not really necessary for her to make a sale thread, she can just confirm that char is for sale by posting… then you will send your account info to her via evemail… she’ll sell the char for $20 and take around 10 hrs for you to get that char.

sending to tyra po

or is that right?

Isk sent to tyra po

The account you sent me does not have an empty slot, can not transfer there.

Idk goes to the char being sold. For future reference

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