WTS 73m SP character focus on Rorqual Mining

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Evafal pw:1234

Located in Test space in Feythabolis
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
2 Remaps

Well relocate before its bought

Taking offers.

Whether to accept 50B offer

Ill take it, just looking to get rid of it

So do you accept 50B?

Yes i do

I pay ISK immediately

Give me a few mins. let you know when i am ready

OK. I wait for your news

I am ready

Already paid, account sent in game

flying the ship out of null then ill start the transfer cool?

I can accept it

I cant transfer until 14 days. ill refund your money, whats the name

Is this ID

The transfer role needs to be in an NPC company, could it be for this reason?

nah, just read it needs to be 14 days old. its an injected chracter, only 3 days old

just sent the 50B back

OK my friend, if you want to sell him after 14 days. Please email me, my proposal is still valid

sounds good. thanks

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