I know theres a problem with her Eveboard reflecting accurate SP. I put in a support ticket to CCP trying to get it updated. My apologies for the inconvenience. I’ve made 50 new api’s in full panic mode and nothing I do works.

A transfer should solve the problem. How about 70 billion?

at this moment i’d take 75b for her… I shouldn’t have extracted a touch of SP off her, now its saying I must wait for a patch to update my SP so it could be weeks.

76b isk ready

make it 80 and we can talk.

77b is my final call. Instant isk.

Okay, I’ll take 77b.

Send ISK and account info and i’ll get the transfer started.

are you interested APCAL?

Hi yes, but I’m waiting for my friend to wake up and borrow me some isk. Bought some items earlier today and don’t have enough for you right now

I have isk ready. Deal made. Isk and account info sent.

was to late sorry.

accepted Jethro’s offer

Isk has been sent. thanks Jethro.

“Target account has to many characters” Can you give me another account so i can begin transfer please?

Yup one moment. Thought biomass was immediate. Will make a new one right now

okay =D

same account I gave you, add a 1 at the end. So Accountigaveyou1

EDIT: Transfered received. Thanks

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