WTS 89 Mil SP Supercarrier/Rorqual

positive wallet
positive sec 4.94

Starting bid 60 Billion

60b agreed in game, waiting for confirmation, and will send isk account info soon.

go go go

please send to my alt Jona Aurelius

isk has to be sent to the character being sold.

yes, I understand, I have already deleted the game client, I’m ready to make a transfer and say goodbye to the game, I take full responsibility

?hey man

sorry @Thrinodia_Arioch you need to accept payment through the toon your selling, i have had to submit 2 support tickets last week because i sent isk to the sellers and they never initiated any transfers and im still waiting for my isk to be reimbursed.

I’m not calling you a scammer or anything but i cant keep opening new support tickets every time a transfer goes wrong and having to wait days/weeks to get isk back. I hope you can understand i will still buy the character if you can accept payment through him if not then i wil have to move on.

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