• Positive Wallet
  • No Kill RIghts
  • Positive Sec status
  • NPC Corp
  • Located Jita 4-4 station

Capital Skill books injected / Crystal Implant set

Starting Biddings 100B
Buyout 120B


There has been a lot of scamming lately and people are rightly suspicious of quick sales. Something to be aware of as a seller and a buyer.

Ok, thank you for actually pointing it out that it looks suspicious, so i can address the concern rather than Winston who is now off defaming me on other posts.

I am happy with the 100B offer, i accepted it and in my knowledge the next step is transfer ISK then the character. if this is wrong then i am sorry.

Vulgar if you are happy to proceed let me know, happy to make sure this is a safe sale for everyone involved.

Received a Buyout bid in-game. I have accepted the in-game buyout bid. The Character is now SOLD

Buyer failed to transfer isk, character is now back on market under new post.

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