Pending Sale

SOLD Pending until Thursday

I have accepted an ingame offer from @Primal_Freir and am no longer accepting offers / will be transferring on thursday

Confirming this.

Isk and account info sent!

The seller seems to be having all sorts of problems with the character transfer and I have not received an email about the transfer.

I have requested a transfer start or a full refund of my sent isk by the eve server downtime tomorrow (november 3rd, 1100 eve time). After that I will be making a support ticket about all this.

No isk or char transfer received, I have made a support ticket about character bazaar scamming.

PSA for all potential sellers, there is a 14 day minimum pilot age before that pilot is eligible for transfer
Like primal has stated he has requested a full refund which I am currently unable to provide as I injected the funds into a new pilot shortly before initiating a transfer to find out it is not eligible until Tuesday.
I am at fault for spending the ISK before initiating the transfer I was not aware would not be eligible until Tuesday yes, but scamming absolutely not. I have opened a ticket with ccp as of yesterday and primal has today as well so I’m sure ccp will help us to resolve this as soon as possible

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