WTS rorqual pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yang_Xiao_10ng 123 password, 4d off t2 indy core.

no bounty, no kill rights, jump clones all in null, located in 1dq1-a, positive wallet, will be moved to jita soon. Will be transferring using plex

17 bill now?

18b ready

18,1 bill

really lol 18.5 bill

I bid 21bil on the character

21b bid accepted by shadows end

Okay its in an NPC corp now, mail was sent out as well. SP training paused. What next?

Posting in thread as proof that this is my (Talion Riraille’s) character

21bil sent to the character, along with an evemail with the account name to transfer the character to.

Alright I’m outside atm. Will start the process in a few hours and post here

GM support ticket sent, SUPPORT REQUEST #888924

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