WTS Focused Rorqual SOLD


Focused Rorqual with T2 indy core.

In highsec, Pos wallet, Pos Sec status, no kill rights.

25b buyout, transfer paid by me with plex.

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bump time

Buyout is REDUCED to 22B isk


20b isk ready

If you can do 22b will transfer now

20.5 i only got this

I’ll leave it up until tomorrow night (autz) and if this is top bid then ill accept then :slight_smile:

mail me when you ready

Closing the bidding, send through a mail and isk when you are ready, I’ll initiate transfer in 4-5 hours when I get home

isk and mail sent. slot ready

Hi Trigg3r,

Confirming isk recieved, however I cannot see the account you wish the character sent to specified. Can you please send an evemail to either Pride Kelevra or Erata Kelevra clearly stating the account name, and I will begin transfer as soon as possible.


Account id mailed. Really appreciate your help!

transfer initiated, should receive character in the next 10 hours. Thanks! o7

thx :slight_smile:

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