WTS 16m sp rorqual SOLD


Focused Rorqual with T2 indy core.

In highsec, Pos wallet, Pos Sec status, no kill rights.

25b buyout, transfer paid by me with plex.

15bill…I want buy only one character

16b buy out



20b b/o

buyout is REDUCED to 22B

bumping myself

Buyout price reduced to 21b.

21B B/O

Accepted, send isk and eve mail with account to fear kelevra and will initiate transfer shortly

not sure if i replied direct to you or the thread, however your offer is accepted and bidding is closed, whenever you’re ready we can get this sorted :slight_smile:

The ISK has been transferred and the mail has been sent. wait for your trans

confirmed, transfer has been initiated, thanks mate

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