WTS Focused Rorqual Pilot for sale - SOLD

i will take one for now at agreed price of 22 b is that deal still on

that deal is still on, awaiting isk and evemail with account info

I want bid more isk. but my asset is 20 bill.

Check in game mail, send a message about a different character Oreo

please send me a in game mail please confirming that

sent you mail

isk and mail sent

please put this message on the other forum post as it does not relate to the sale of this character

Have you received the mail?

Yes I did thanks

just getting an account subed and will send the info to you once done

hey isk sent and account name

Isk confirmed and eve mail recieved, character transfer request submitted to GM via plex payment, will advise as soon as I can of GM confirmation.

how long does that take

Sorry was aslee, I expect they will initiate transfer today, always found them very quick. I’m at work but will keep you updated

It doesnt work like that bro the moment i paid the isk the toon must be transfer i am supposed to hjave the toon already and i dont?

i want my toon in the next 2 hours

As stated in the original post, this sale transfer is to be paid with plex. If you are familiar with the CCP transfer policy as you seem to be, you will know that transfers via 1000 plex are a manual transfer which is initiated by GM ticket. As I said earlier GM ticket had been submitted with a link to this post, plex is in the characters plex vault as per Ccp rules, training has been paused and all other CCP sale conditions have been met. There is nothing further I can do to expediate this transfer.

I can take no further action in any regard for several hours as I am not at home and I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

The best I can do alternatively is if a GM hasn’t manually transferred by the time I get home, I can either refund your isk and cancel the ticket, or initiate a transferred paying the $20 fee.

Let me know how you would like to proceed.

Hi Kree,

I have not received a response from the GM’s so have instead opted to pay the $20 transfer fee as to not keep you waiting.

Really sorry, last time they were much faster.

The character will be yours in the next 10 hours.

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