SOLD WTS Rorqual T1 Pilot

Industrial Core 1

Can use Rorqual and T1 Industrial Core

476,364 unallocated skill points.

13B offer

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oky mail me in game where to transfer character to.

i will accept your 13B offer you can send isk to character and then mail me with information where to transfer the character to so i can start Transfer it will take 24 Hours for transfer.

ok, could you wait for me a second? I need to update my eve and prepare the isk.

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yeah sure no rush man im at work aswell so no rush do your thing take time il be checking the site now and then.

he is ready for transfer send isk and info which account to transfer it to then i can start transfer for you.

isk already send, plz check and transfer the character to ********

sending now.

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Account name shown in post - remvoed for security purposes. I will now close this thread as sale has been completed and confirmed.

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