*** WTB Rorqual Pilot ***

WTB rorqual pilot
Requirements is:
-T2 Industrial core
-Capital inustrial ship level 4 or 5
-Mining drone specialization level 4
-Invulnerability Core Operation level 3 or more

Post your offers here pls, becouse i dont look at this char :smiley:


Bump :smiley:

20B ready

Still looking for rorqual pilot


How much would you offer for me?

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15Bil is my offer :smiley:

Sorry not worth it for me


18B last offer

18 bio is acceptable. I will have the character in Jita 4-4 and out of corp. I get paid next Thursday and can afford to transfer then if that’s acceptable

What date will be that?

The 19th

Why we cant do this now?

I don’t have $20 in my bank account

U can stripp char and go bit down with price. And u will have plex :smiley:

CCP only does character transfers using real money now. If you go to the account management page to the character transfers you’ll see that the Plex option is no longer there

Oh sry i didnt know that

It’s a new change from when they switched Plex. I get paid on the 19th I can do the transfer then if that’s acceptable

Yea it is ok :smiley:

All right transfer me the Isk on Thursday the 19th with an eve mail containing your account name and I will begin the transfer then in accordance with all CCP character transfer rules

Ok, but if someone offer me now rorq pilot i will accept from him. Is that ok for you?