WTB rorqual 20m-30m skills 1m=0.95b

Hello everyone !

WTB Focused rorqual pilot requirement are :

  • Be able to fly a rorqual (duh)
  • capital industrial 4 or more,
  • Can fiit T2 industrial core
  • Mining drone 5
  • Invulnerability Core Operation 3 or more

Do you need it?

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I’m up to 30b

Little more than you were looking but if you’re interested.

Can you draw some other skills? I can pay up to 35b


I might be more in your SP range.

I have almost max combat drone skills, excellent shield skills, can use indy core 2, max strength command bursts (shield, skirmish and mining) as well as access to both ore and ice excavs

Let me know if this interests you.

yes 1=0.95 ok ?

I would accept 35b, as i have several billions in not only +5 training implants but also a HG Hydra jumpclone that also includes the shield/skirmish mindlink implant.

Does this sound fair?

You pay the transfer fee

As per the rules, that is correct.

If you are happy with this arangement, then i can create a new forum thread as a private sale to you. That way we keep to CCPs rules and leave a proper record.

Money goes to your character

Yes correct.

What happens is i created a thread. You post that you have sent the isk for the agreed amount. I then confirm that isk is recieved and that i have initiated character transfer.

I have created a thread.

Private sale The character?

Yes correct. The sale of my character (Matriarch Dawn) to you.

I can’t find your character Private sale


Send the isk to Matriarch Dawn

“Private sale” just means that the offer is only open to you xD

Here’s the money

Isk recieved.

Can you eve mail me in game your account username so i can send the character to the right account please.

change another one