WTB Industry / Mining Rorq Toon

Hi there. After some time off from EVE it´s time to get back into the play.
Searching for a toon. Included skills:

maxed Rorqual
should be able to fly JF
maxed refining
maxed drones
maxed navigation skills
PI and production skills would be nice
no need for PVE / PVP
positive standing and bio

I look forward to your offers.

check me https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/MOHAX2rus

check my pilot https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/MOHAX2rus

Hi Mohax2rus.
Thanks for your post, but to much wasted SP in gunnery and missile for what i´m searching.


Preparing to sell this guy. Dropping corp atm

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/O’Neill_01 i am selling this char for 73b

Seems interesting aser09. What about the standings? Could you show this too in eveskillboard?

Updated the link with standing info

Also confirming i am for sale

Thanks aser09.
Can offer you 68b.

can you make it 70b if so we have a deal

unfortunately not at the moment.

well if you end up getting 70b worth let me know i am more than willing to sell for that price

what about 69B ? :wink:

sure but i need to get dinner first can you give me like 3 hours to get dinner and watch a movie ?

no problem. also still on the road. isk or plex? (what would be the plex amount?)
And send it to O’Neil 01, right? Will send you the target account py eve mail

ISK please and yes send it too O’Neill 01 and yes eve mail me the info

ISK send & EVE Mail send to O’Neil 01
Thanks !

Accounts being transferred

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