WTS 16mil Rorqual pilot

(Zbrodniarz 'JPII' Wojenny) #1


Rorqual focused pilot
Positive Wallet
Positive SecStatus
In 1DQ1-A(Delve)

Starting price: 16b

(The Great Engineer) #2


(Jan Pancerz Drugi) #3


(Camryn Nitsua) #4


(Bork the Dog) #5


(Sizzly Slacker) #7

ill offer 18bill, please eve mail me ingame as well as replying here if I get accepted, as I dont check the forums all day. cheers

(Porke) #8

20 bil isks b/o

(Nile Jewel) #9

I agree. Waiting for ISK. Provide your account name please

(Nile Jewel) #11

Zbrodniarz ‘JPII’ Wojenny is the name

(Porke) #12

10 min and i will send a money and acc name

(Porke) #13

money and acc name was send. Waitnig a transfer

(Porke) #14

still waiting a transfer

(Nile Jewel) #15

Im waiting too

(Porke) #16

What do you waiting? Money and acc name was send on Zbrodniarz ‘JPII’ Wojenny 4 hours ago

(Nile Jewel) #17

Well Im waiting for transfer. I thought we are sharing our thoughts or something. vOv

(Porke) #18

Is it joke or some type of scam? 20 bil isks was send on Zbrodniarz ‘JPII’ Wojenny. Start a transfer or i will send a message to CCP Security Team

(Nile Jewel) #19

How do you think transfer works?

(Porke) #20

I didnt received any messages on my email about starting of transfering process so wtf? Give me more details because right now it is look like scam

(Nile Jewel) #21

Well because CCP didn’t reply to my ticket yet. I sent it when you gave me money. I can’t make it faster.

(Nile Jewel) #22

Still no answer from CCP