WTS 16mil Rorqual pilot


Rorqual focused pilot
Positive Wallet
Positive SecStatus
In 1DQ1-A(Delve)

Starting price: 16b





ill offer 18bill, please eve mail me ingame as well as replying here if I get accepted, as I dont check the forums all day. cheers

20 bil isks b/o

I agree. Waiting for ISK. Provide your account name please

Zbrodniarz ‘JPII’ Wojenny is the name

10 min and i will send a money and acc name

money and acc name was send. Waitnig a transfer

still waiting a transfer

Im waiting too

What do you waiting? Money and acc name was send on Zbrodniarz ‘JPII’ Wojenny 4 hours ago

Well Im waiting for transfer. I thought we are sharing our thoughts or something. vOv

Is it joke or some type of scam? 20 bil isks was send on Zbrodniarz ‘JPII’ Wojenny. Start a transfer or i will send a message to CCP Security Team

How do you think transfer works?

I didnt received any messages on my email about starting of transfering process so wtf? Give me more details because right now it is look like scam

Well because CCP didn’t reply to my ticket yet. I sent it when you gave me money. I can’t make it faster.

Still no answer from CCP