WTS 18.8M perfect T2 Rorqual pilot


Password: 1234

B/O 23B


21.5b ,

i need password too

Sorry everyone, password is 1234.

23 b/o,isk is ready

plz cofirm

I accept. send isk and I will begin transfer.

isk sent ,transfor account sent

plz comfir

ISK and account info received. Character transfer started.


transfer take how long? NOT received GM mail。

I do not know. I entered SUPPORT REQUEST #787853 yesterday when I stated “Character transfer started”. I obviously can’t control when CCP performs the transfer. Perhaps an ISD can chime in on this?

okay,i am waitting

still waitting.

i want cancell this trad

char receiced,plz delete esi

Patience is not your forte. Also, I’m not sure why you’re asking me to delete ESI. You control that character now, not me.

esi.goonfleet.com,you delete it ,i can sign up with my acount