SOLD WTS T2 Rorqual Pilot 19m

Hi, i am selling a t2 rorqual pilot

He have not kill rights,have positive wallet, will be in high sec in two hours aprox.

Can use Command links ORe, 36km of distance bonus.

I leave the corporation as soon iwill be in high sec.

Diclaimer, selling other pilot in same account, i deliver first the first i sell.

I enter in a moment to formalize.

I am for sale.

Already in high sec and leave the NPC corp

20b :)

Are there any of these Rorq sales threads that Luckly Man isnt bidding on?

today bump

i think i can get more than 20, maybe not much more but can get more.

21 b …

I sell the other pilot one moment ago, can deliver in ten hours.

Buyout now is 22b

22b. i’m afk now. be back in 2 hours and ready to buy

Ok, i sell to the first people who deliver me 22b

didn’t sell yet?

I just got to work from my house and assydrac dont receive isk yet, if u want is available for 22b

ISK sent. name of account send ingame mail

received in bill parker. No problem , normally you sent the isk to the pilot , but i send a eve mail to fullfill the requirement.

I transfer the pilot in 9 hours aprox, as i say i sell other pilot beffore in the same account.

i am in rens Zone, is ok for you or prefer jita / amarr ?

place is not matter. thanx

ok i update when i transfer him.


The pilot was sent one minute ago, please confirm you recepit him or the email.

the pilot received, thx

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