WTS T2 Rorqual Pilot 32 mil

(Arkonor Arkonwhore) #1


As the titale says :

Great Rorqual Pilot T2

Production Pilot - Capital ships

Starting 22 bil

(Yceron) #2

22b offer

(Dreadlock Demon) #3

26bill if you want to sell right now

(Arkonor Arkonwhore) #4

thank you for good offers but I hold off a little bit no wow bid yet

(Faye Ravencraft) #5

27bil isk ready

(Arkonor Arkonwhore) #6

i have had a 28 bil offer ingame I do wish to move him today

(Faye Ravencraft) #7

ok, ill offer 29B

(Zegna) #8


(Arkonor Arkonwhore) #9

29 bil I give it 30 mins if no more shes your faye

(Faye Ravencraft) #10


(Arkonor Arkonwhore) #11

done faye all yours sorry was dealing with RL awaiting isk and account details

(Faye Ravencraft) #12

isk and account info sent

(Arkonor Arkonwhore) #13

isk and account detail got pilot in transfer

(Faye Ravencraft) #14

character received, thank you

(system) #15

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