WTS Perfect Hel/Nyx Pilot 55.3m SP


Basically perfect hel
5 days off gallente carrier 5

Positive Wallet
No kill rights
1b+ geno clone
3/4b+ ascendancy clone

i’ll pay transfer (with plex)

60b if you’re under 55 i wont even consider

Bump - got some cool skins too.

60 bil

Sure, eve mail me account name and send over the ISK.

account info and isk sent. Thanks


I’ve received the ISK and account name, and have contacted CCP to transfer with PLEX.

Thanks dude.

CCP has not responded to the support ticket yet… very unlike them. I will keep you updated.

No problem. thanks for the heads up

Still no message from CCP. Quite ridiculous; you have a spare character I assume?

Shouldn’t be any issue from my end. Got a spare character slot. Transfers with plex are just a bit slow.

Alright, didn’t realize, just don’t want you to think I am running away with your money!

I have now removed the PLEX from your Vault and manually transferred the character to the requested account.

Should all be good now, I hope.

Character received. Thanks

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