WTS 16.5M Near PERFECT Rhea JF Pilot - 100% Focused



  • Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Caldari Freighter V
  • Jump Freighter V
  • Jump Fuel Conservation V
  • Rhea Mastery IV - Missing some shield/armor skills with little effect on EHP
  • Optimal attributes for SP farm with +5s where relevant
  • Optimal EHP/Warp speed/Align time implants for hauling
  • Ultra focused - no wasted skills!

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
Extended cerebral accelerator active for 4 more days

BO: 19B



10 B/O


11 B/O

15B offer received in-game
Getting closer


send 18 b and name account ok?

Please send isk and account name and i’ll initiate transfer

isk and name account sent awaiting transfer

Isk received and transfer initiated. Please check your in-game mail.

you don’t see in my account that I’m receiving a new char

but sorry how are you transferring the char?

Support ticket for PLEX transfer has been submitted and proof has been sent to your in-game mail.
Please allow 1-2 days for CCP to handle the request.

here it says that I should wait 10 hours or 1-2 days
For your protection, there is a 10-hour delay in processing character transfers and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The character will be transferred to your account, but will not be playable, until the transfer automatically completes.

because if I knew before that he had to transfer the char with the plexes I would have changed my mind

it’s been almost 2 days a GM can help me I still don’t find my new char this plex payment method and legal for eve online?


more than two days have passed but how many must be expected to receive a cursed char

and really a shame I feel mocked
I was scammed by this seller and nobody does anything

GM replied. You should have it now.