WTS 16M near perfect Revelation character

SkillQ: SkillQ.net - WaWa Toool
No kill rights
Positive wallet
NPC corporation
No lowball offers please
b/o 20bil
implants on screenshot:

10 bil

12 Bill

13 bill

15 bil

Accepted, please, send isks and account info in eve-mail and I will initiate the transfer tonight after I get back to home

Isk sent, please check the mailbox. Thank you.

ISK received, I will be at home in 4 hours and will reply you in game

Still no respond from GM?
BTW, how’s all the hi-sec empire factions’standings towards this char? I want to fly this char in hi-sec zones so it’s very important to me.

So you havent received the character? If they initiated the transfer it only takes 10 hours. But you did contact support?

The seller said he’s in Russia and the Paypal malfunction delayed the transfer process. He also sent me a screenshot about contacting the GM for making an exception of trasferring char by using PLEX. But I haven’t receive the reply since a week ago. I would rather not to think it’s a scam because the char’s skill just fit in my need and the price is reasonable, also I have been pretty busy these days… Anyway, thanks for your reminder and I think it’s the time to contact support.

Contact a GM ASAP. They will not allow plex transfers and he has scammed you at this point. 10 days without a response is 100% a scam

I think russia has an exception

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