Perfect Paladin pilot, legion + scan 5 13
Armor 5 Drone 4-5 Engineering 5 Gunnery heavy laser 5 Cybernetics 5 Scanning 5 Amar pilot 5 + gal,caldary BattleShip Legion Pilot
BONUS: Character have 800.000 unallocated SP. and have 2 remap
Start bid 30b

auction will last 48 hours

Offer retracted, bought another character.

Could you please also clarify in your post the location of the pilot, wallet status, and kill rights?

Jita, 0isk, no right to murder


32b b/o


33b b/o

i ready 33

ISK and account sent nfo via in-game mail.

@Ripple_XRP I have not see a Character Transfer initiated yet, have you started the process?

i wait GM

@Ripple_XRP I’m still not seeing any transfer. If there is no transfer today you will need to return the ISK or I will need to submit a ticket for character scamming.

I understood you. I am doing this task

I am not sure when the last time you did a transfer was, but at the moment the only method to pay for it with plex is to put 1000 PLEX in your vault, make a ticket with Character and account name and wait. There is no notification of a transfer, once the GMs get to it it will get transferred immediately. I had to wait for one for 3 or 4 days this week too.

@Intriguing_Stranger thanks, I didn’t know they were taking so long with the tickets. Previously they used to be done with 24hrs, so they must have a backlog.

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