Legion PVP pilot 20M

(Gravitar) #1

Very good Legion Pilot, nice name, good core skills: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gravitar

20M Skill Point

No active kill right

Positive Wallet (will be sold with 50M)

2 remaps

Docked in a Jita IV-4 Station

Starting bid will be at 15B, buyout at 17B

Actual owner (me) pay the transfer fee.

WTB mission runner combat pilot, budget 15-20b
(Gattanera) #2

I can offer 12bil

(TxivYawg1) #3


(Teiosa Flarame) #4

14 bil annulment

(Gravitar) #5

To the top :heart: !

(Gravitar) #6

To the top :heart:

(Mdm Curie) #7

13 BIL

(Gravitar) #8

Adding B/O at 17B
Rapid delivery :slight_smile:

(Big Pops) #9


(Gravitar) #10

To the top. B/O at 17B !

(Gravitar) #11

To the top :heart::heart:

(Pia Sweet) #12

14b b/o

(Gravitar) #13

I would agree for 15B.

(Aridai Haman) #14

15b b/o

(Lakhara) #15

15.5b if still for sale?

(Gravitar) #16

Agreed for 15.5B as a B/O.
Will send a ticket to CCP to start the transfer with PLEX (has 1K in my Vault) if still available. If not I’ll grab my credit card.

(Aridai Haman) #17

16b if it falls through

(Gravitar) #18

I’ll keep you in touch.
If I don’t recieve the ISK in time (at 21:00 UTC) we’ll make the deal ;).

(Aridai Haman) #19


(Gravitar) #20

Fully retracted (the 16B offer) even if the 15.5B fails ?