WTS Super-Carrier Pilot 18m SP

Gallente Carrier 4
Fighters >45d for 5

in high sec
nyx Super carrier character 18M SKill Points , Sales from 14b

Where is the skills board link ? Thanks!


Hi, I am new to eve. Would you consider 9b?

no ,The price is too low




14b b/o


Someone has already bid 16b. If there is no one higher than this price, the deal will be closed tomorrow

16.5 :stuck_out_tongue:

There are still 15 days of Omega time left, which is 0.3 m SP away from 19 m sp

My bid still stands

If the price is not higher than you, it belongs to you

I am still looking. Any update?

Up to 4:00 game time,You can pay me

Just confirming, you’ve accepted offer of 16.5?


If no one offers a new price by 4 o’clock, we will start the transaction process