WTB Carrier pilot

Looking to buy a carrier pilot. Budget is around 15-30b

Show me them eve boards!

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Good morning. Still looking.

Bumping still looking

Hi there,

I’m looking to sell this toon EveSkillboard - Ash Reiku

22.1m SP + 240k Un-allocated (Awaiting for the recently added 150k to update on Skillboard)

Focused Thanatos Pilot
Fighter V
G Carrier IV

JDC V - 17 Days away (950K~ SP)

Sabres skills - Only non-focused SP (could be extracted to complete JDC V?)

It still in Non-NPC corp but I will drop corp and move to high sec before confirming any sale.

Looks good. 17.5b ?


I’ve edited my original post as it was incorrect, the correct SP is 22.1m + 240k SP.

Would you be able to do 18.5b?

Corp dropped, and ready to transfer if you’re interested.

I’ll have to buy some injectors to get jdc5. 18b b/o?

Sure thing, lets go for it at 18B :slight_smile:

I’ll get the transfer started asap as soon as its transferred over

Awesome. I will be home in around 5 hours and able to do it. I send isk and account details to this toon ?

Excellent, yeah send your account details via Eve mail where you want me to transfer into :slight_smile:

Isk and account details sent

Excellent, isk received and character transfer initiated.

It should be with you in around 10 hours


26 Feb 2021 22:40

EVE Character transfer

Thanks for the easy sale o7

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