WTS 12.6m SP almost Cap Pilot

Born 2012-12-13
Located in Jita
Set of +5s
Positive Wallet
In NPC Corp
2 Remaps available

Capital Ships plugged in and trained to I. Just need to train to IV then will be able to pilot a Carrier
Fighters V
Jump Drive Op V
Cybernetics V

Price: 12b buyout


6B offer

7.5b offer

8b offer

Thank you for the offers but looking for more.


9B Offer

Thanks, still after more.




Hi, I would still be interested to purchase at 9B

I’d like to offer 10B as discussed IG.


Agree to sell at 10B. Please send ISK and info and I’ll initiate the process.


Thanks, Isk sent o7

Account sent to IG mail.

Isk received and character transfer process started.

Thank you very much!

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Character received, thanks!

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