WTB (Starter) Carrier Pilot

Looking for a Carrier Pilot of any race.
Max. price under 25bil.


I am currently for sale. Give me a fair offer and I’ll let you know!


14 mil SP very focused can fly full t2 pvp Chimera and have 4.5 bil in assets including a fully fit chimera. Can’t fly t2 drones yet, training JDC V.
Also has 75% reprocessing effecientcy at an anthanor and can fly multiple race’s battleships

ill offer 20bn if no agreement has been made with OP

Can fly stealth bomber too. Will you pay plex for transfer? Also the carrier is currently in brave space I will transfer it out of you want. Also will you offer 22 bil for everything?

22BN covers everything and we have a deal

Deal, so how do we start the transaction? I’ll move the chimera out of brave space into lowsec and leave Corp.

move to low sec tell me where you want ISK ill send ISK

ill eve mail you the account you send it job done :slight_smile:

Ok cool I’ll do it tonight do you just send me the 22 mil then I send you the character? Or 11-character-11. You want the carrier next to highsec? I can park it one jump from highsec but it’s in null

no ill send you the 22bn CCP don’t allow part payment.

where you want ISK sent?

can leave it anywhere mate ill move it to where i need it

Eli Chameleo, it it ok if I leave the carrier in brave space or you want me to cyno it out? If your blue to test you can come pick it up at U-Q

Also, erm can you send it to Chamile Odunenn (with the two Ns) that’s the right alt. If you sent it to Eli that’s fine

Had to go to work ill send it once home sorry

When can you send isk? Also can you pick up the carrier from brave HQ or do I need to move it out of brave space? I’ll go to bed in 3 hours

Please transfer isk when you get on next I will send character in approximately 22 hours from now

Also can we do 24 bil? Dodn’t Know I had to buy 1000 plex. Didn’t*

Are you still wanting to purchase???

I’ll be at work a few days am a truck driver back on Tuesday if you still have it then I’ll take it if not I understand you’ll want the isk over waiting.