WTB Carrier pilot

I have recently moved into Nullsec and would like to get myself a Carrier.
consider all options

Limit: 30B

Thank you


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Hello! I want to buy your character. How much do you want for him? If we get along in price, I’m ready to pay the claims right now. Thank you. Waiting for an answer.

I have this pilot ready for 28b http://eveboard.com/pilot/You’ve_Been_Nyx’d


Hey sorry zlow reply forgot to check back what would you offer for the toon

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I will buy it for 28b

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How much do you want for this character?

Well that person offered 28m but i offred you it first so if you can match its yours ?

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I was bidding on You_ve_Been_Nyx_d character.

Bid retracted

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bump pls

bump pls

bump pls

bump pls

I might be willing to sell myself if the offer is motivating enough. The creator indended to make me secondary cap alt.
Got decent fighter skills, decent armor tank and ofcourse JDC5, Amarr ship chain is trained up because first i was ment to be Apostle char (hence the unfinished capital remote rep)

no security status (read 0.0)
positive wallet
no jump clones
1 bonus remap
normal remap available in 5 days
good name imho


price is up to you as ill do it the other way around, sent me your number and ill decide whether to reply or not.
Fly safe o7

I want to buy your character


I’m interested in your character. Amount of 20 B will interest you?

Yes, i can confirm that the number you provided indeed caught my eye, ill be back from work in about 3 hours if thats ok with you.

edit: for all of you people who are, for some weird reason, sending me evemails with bids on a char i have offered to a specific person, please be so kind and post it publicly and not via some supersecret ninja mail bids.


I can offer 21B

And that’s fair, i wasn’t sure of the protocol when it comes to bidding on a character in a 3rd party thread :slight_smile:

Okey, 21,5 B from me:blush:

This shouldnt be place for bidding, iam gonna make own selling post in about half hour, sorry for the inconviniece, Varietta character offer retracted due to creating own sale post.