WTS πŸ˜› Focused PVP Carrier Pilot! 16 BIL Highest Bid!

Can fly full t2 pvp fit chimera (Caldari Carrier) runs with a capital energy neut II and runs 1.86 mil EHP and 1.6k dps, does not have t2 fighters. Can also fly mael storms and stealthbombers (manticore) with full missile skills.
Positive sec status,
Positive wallet,
No kill rights
Lookin for a good offer

B/o 19 bil
Please go up in .5 bil increments until 18 bil

I have a few questions:

1: Does it have a positive wallet
2: Are there any kill rights
3: What is your security status
4: how much do you want for the character

Assets may not be included in your price. You’re welcome to leave them behind.

If everything goes up to the standards and no assets included ofc, I’ll do a first bid of 10b

11b offered

11.5b offered

A bit higher please :slight_smile:

12 bil

12.5b offered

Just want to let you know It will he decided soon but I do have a minimum price and a b/o

13 bil

Bump :thinking:

13.5b offer

14b b/o

B/o not met :smiley:


B/o added

Is that a deal or no?

No thank you good luck with your sale

Ok is your 15 bil bid still good or no?