Sold sold sold

:point_right:63 skills are level 5:point_left:

This character is trained into the Caldari CAPITAL SHIP Chimera to mastery level 4 nearly.

Can Fly:
:rocket: Battlecruisers: Drake, Ferox, Naga
:rocket: Battleships: Raven, Rokh, Scorpian
:rocket: Capital ships: Rorqual, Chimera(14d 3h from mastery lvl4), Wyvern, minokawa, Obelisk(9d 7h from mastery lvl5), Anshar
:rocket: Others: Noctis, Hulk, blackbird, manticore and much much more

:white_check_mark: Character is in an NPC corp

:white_check_mark: located in Jita

:white_check_mark: positive wallet

:white_check_mark: positive sec status +1.9

:x: Neural Remap available March 30th (in a month)

:white_check_mark: has 3 jump clones located in various null sec regions, and another available now

:white_check_mark: No Killrights

any questions? comments?

thank you

45 bill

Wow, compelling features!

45 billion sounds like a fair price.

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46 billion

I like your offer, however I am looking for just a little bit more to seal the deal. :grinning:

46,5 bil

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Almost… Looking for around 50Bil B/O

Ready to sell…Who wants me? I will pay the transfer fee and you’ll be on your way with a solid character.

I will repeat my 46b offer :slight_smile:

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How about 48Bil B/O?

I’m out.

46.5Bil contact me in game with your account information you want me to transfer to.

Taking 46B now… first one to message me in game with details gets the account… thank you

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

Transfer complete… thank you for doing business with me.

Character transfer confirmation email received. Thank you and fly safe.

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