Selling me, 42mil SP highly specialized with zero waste.


Can fly a variety of pvp doctrine ships like rattlers/cerbs/machariels/tengu/dictors.

Logi V

Jump calibration V and can fly Chimera and Minokawa

T2 Triage (Logistics reconfig V)

Make an offer

sorry removed, no longer interested

I’d accept 30b

Edit, i’ll offer the full 30b you’re looking for if you’re ok with holding it for me till tomorrow when I will be able to complete the transfer for that amount.


I can’t garuntee the hold, but if it’s not sold by tomorrow and you can transfer the isk I’ll consider it closed

I managed to get the rest of the isk together. I am ready to transfer as soon as you let me know you’re ready.


B/O offer accepted for 30bil awaiting isk transfer

Isk sent from my other act Enyo Faces. thanks

Isk received, please give account details so I can complete the character transfer

Please transfer to account rneill123

It’s on it’s way

Awesome thanks!