(Kali Rorqlavich) #1

Selling me, 42mil SP highly specialized with zero waste.


Can fly a variety of pvp doctrine ships like rattlers/cerbs/machariels/tengu/dictors.

Logi V

Jump calibration V and can fly Chimera and Minokawa

T2 Triage (Logistics reconfig V)

Make an offer

(Serenity Fireslayer) #2

sorry removed, no longer interested

(Kali Rorqlavich) #3

I’d accept 30b

(Mizer Aurgnet) #4

Edit, i’ll offer the full 30b you’re looking for if you’re ok with holding it for me till tomorrow when I will be able to complete the transfer for that amount.


(Kali Rorqlavich) #5

I can’t garuntee the hold, but if it’s not sold by tomorrow and you can transfer the isk I’ll consider it closed

(Mizer Aurgnet) #6

I managed to get the rest of the isk together. I am ready to transfer as soon as you let me know you’re ready.


(Kali Rorqlavich) #7

B/O offer accepted for 30bil awaiting isk transfer

(Mizer Aurgnet) #8

Isk sent from my other act Enyo Faces. thanks

(Kali Rorqlavich) #9

Isk received, please give account details so I can complete the character transfer

(Mizer Aurgnet) #10

Please transfer to account rneill123

(Kali Rorqlavich) #11

It’s on it’s way

(Mizer Aurgnet) #12

Awesome thanks!