42 mill sp pvp/pve for sale

i am up for sale
fly Gila-tengu-proteus-loki-cov ops - nighthawk and rattlesnake. Recon. t2 heavy and HAMS T2 heavy drones Drone interfacing 5 ALl subs at 5
posetive standing and wallet
NPC corp
posetive sec status
lvl 4 agent the interbus
i am the one reciving isk
starting bid 23
buy out 25
auction ends sunday 12:00 eve time unless buy out is met.

21 bill

Thans for the bid but im hopping for about more

23 bil

Only fer hours left of auction buy out lowerd to 25b

bid accepted send isk and acount name to transfer

No response so still for sale…

22 bill isk rdy

Perfect sold. Send isk and acount info and i start the prosess

Some patience, please, I’m not 24/7 in-game.
ISK and account info will be send ASAP.

isk and account info sent to bakkata kado

isk recived and transfer complete.

Email received. Thx for a smooth transaction.

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