WTS 21.7m sp sp Golem,Jackdaw,Tengu,Manticore, Cerberus,Hecate

Hi im for sale can fly lots
“Golem, Jackdaw, Tengu, Manticore, Cerberus, Hecate”
All T2 fits for above

In npc corp
in high sec
no kill rights
good wallet

Light Drones V
Medium Drones V
Light Missiles V
Heavy Missiles V
Heavy Assault Missiles V
Cruise Missiles V
Rockets V
Small Hybrid Turrets V

Place your Bid please o7

Bo end sale 24b

Bump 1

Can you confirm the asking price please?

HI @Elmara_Hama my sell right now no questions asked is 24b but im open to decent offer and bids

Happy with 24B. Can we do the deal?

Sure send isk and account name :slight_smile:

ok, Just buying the plexes etc now. gimme a few minutes.

Not far to go 7 jumps to Jita.


Can we lower it too 22 Bil. Im running a wee bit short due to high plex prices?

Need an urgent answer please.

Sure 22b sale

Thank you!!
So I transfer the isk from the guy buying to you (Mez Starborn)?

Not sure of rules if it has to be the one posting here has to send to the char for sale ?

No Worries, Just struggling with the sell order now. Its failing.

I am going to make the offer here with the guy buying. Too Complex to try and transfer the plex., Then I can pay with the correct person buying

Offer to buy: 22 Mil Isk

hi @billie boo 22b isk offer accepted please send isk and account name

Really sorry for wasting your time. I am struggling with the selling oof the plex. Please cancel the trade for now.

Ok, Finally got the iskies in my account and ready to transfer. Is the deal still good to go?