SOLD - WTS 93+M SP PVP/PVE Character

I am for Sale,

I am Spezialized in PVE.
Can Fly Tengu & Proteus

  • Caldari Stat Cruiser 4 only a few days left to 5.
  • Can fly Rattlesnake & Vindicator

I sit in a Golden Pod :slight_smile:

Willing to change my Master Immediately for 90B ISK

Offers lower than 70B will be ignored.

I have a positive Wallet and no Kill rights.
At the moment I Live in Jita.
All CCP Rules are adhered to.

Waiting for my new owner!

Can you do an Anomaly Quantum by this link ?

Like this?

75B offer

If you give me 78Bil now, I will transfer it as soon as I have the ISK!

Allez, guys, make it happen!
78Bil and I am Yours.

EFSF General Revil
Are you still intrested?

Still available for sale!


The first offering 70B get me!

70b offered

As soon as I have the ISK i will initiate Transfer!

Isk and Information sent.

Transfer initiated!

Character Received.