WTS 17.8m sp Golem,Jackdaw,Tengu,Manticore

Hi im for sale can fly lots
In npc corp
in high sec
no kill rights
good wallet

Light Missiles V
Heavy Assault Missiles V
Cruise Missiles V
Rockets V

PLace your Bid please o7

Bo end sale today 20b

hi 14b


hi 15B~

Nice offers but looking for more *Bump

18b offer


19b offer


@AndrewsLiu Send isk and account name ingame

will pay

@AndrewsLiu Please answer here when you have sent the isk and account name

@Whatme_Worry if no answer in a few hours i will accept your 19b offer

ok the offer is still good

@whatme worry i wil laccep your offer please send isk and accoutn name

@AndrewsLiu offer rejected no answer when requested please do not send isk to me

Send isk and account name

20b right now

sending now

Done char on its way enjoy @Whatme_Worry

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Character received, thanks!