WTS 17m sp Pilot Ishtar,Jackdaw,Hawk,Hauler >lots

Im for sale
This is an alt you can take in any direction
In high sec
No kills rights
Positive wallet
NPC corp
I pay transfer

Gallente Cruiser V
Gallente Hauler V
Caldari Cruiser V
Caldari Frigate V

Sentry Drones V
Heavy Drone V
Light Drone V

Heavy Missiles V
Light Missiles V
Rockets V

Heavy Assault Cruisers III
Assault Frigates III
Covert Ops III
Caldari Tactical Destroyer III
Transport Ships II
Experdition Grigates III

Passive ISK Skills
PI skills
Science skills

Offer Please no rush Sale here

6 bill

15bil buyout :wink:

i offer 15,5b

is this still for sell?
10b offer

Yes still for sale current high offer is 15.5b

16 billion

HI @Now_u_see i can close this and sell for 17.5b

I cant do that much TBH

we can do 16b send isk and account name

Isk sent, the account name Mashal96666

sorry i send an extra 1b can you please send it back

1b isk sent back and tranfer started enjoy the new pilot :slight_smile:

thank you <3

18B offer