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I’m selling a 7.0m SP character that can be a useful alt or a good starter as it can already be efficient in PvP, is about to fly Tengu (perfect for PvE) and ha some useful skills such as cyno, PI and mining:

Highlights :

  • General: 0.0 sec status, located in Jita 4-4, 50m positive wallet, 2 remaps, 1 jump clone, no negative standing, no kill right
  • Ships: up to Caldari Cruiser V (3h training before flying a Tengu)
  • PvP: mainly trained for flying Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers
  • Alt: can light cynos and scan
  • Industry: PI skills ready + can fly T2 mining barges

You can contact me IG for more information.

messaged u ig

Bump !

It is still for sale and I can lower the price !

5 billion. message sent ig

Price of 6.5 Bil agreed in-game.

Isk and a/c details sent.

Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

ISK received and transfer to be initiated shortly.

Thank you Carrion Crow and have fun with it !

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