[SOLD] 6.1m SP cyno alt

Password 12345

Hi, selling this character which is now in an NPC corp in Jita 4-4.

Can fly Gallente interceptors and Caldari recons, Drones 5, Cyno 4, various support skills. Great for moving around caps and skill gooing.

7b b/o, starting bid 4.5b, I will pay the transfer fee - please EVE Mail @Thorne_Ishirai with any questions


you have a password on the skillboard link and no pw here my friend.


6b and i’ll take it right now.

I’ll take it for 6.5b as per EVE Mail?

Please note it’s a manual transfer and password is 12345, sorry if I didn’t say in the op

6.5b agreed

Please send ISK and account info in game, will let you know when I’ve petitioned for the transfer

Isk and information sent in game.

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ISK received, petition for transfer sent

character received

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