Wts 40m sp


i am for sale

i shall be paying the transfer fee

i will receive the isks

positive sec status

positive wallet balance

located in high sec

1 yearly remap and 2 bonus remaps

no killrights

open to serious offers
buyout 25 b

21 bill

I can do that! I now offer 22.3 billion isk!!! ooOO

I’ll give you 22,6 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

nice guys but im hoping for a little more

22.5 bill

up we go

23b B/O Offer

up we go again

still for sale

up we go

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up we go another time lets see them offers

back up

25b buyout asap

buyout accepted send payment and account info

payment received and transfer initiated

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