Selling carrier pilot

(Brenin Kane) #1

wts 32.5m sp character

bids starting at 23b

400m worth of implants all in hisec

located at kisogo caldari space

jump clones in amarr and arnon

positive wallet balance

t2 light fighters

3.00+ standing iwth guristas faction ( completed gurista epic arc

(Maizie Fields) #2

23 bil

(Brenin Kane) #3


(Brenin Kane) #4

still wanna buy for 23bill?

(Zuluwise) #5


(Brenin Kane) #6

sold to zuluwise for 23.1b acct info and isk pls

(Zuluwise) #7

consolidating isk and will be sent within the hour

(Brenin Kane) #8

nvm not sold yet. still up for auction

(Brenin Kane) #9

hurry up or someone else might offer a better bid and ill take that one instead of yours.

(Brenin Kane) #10


(Deana Risalo) #11

Would consider sniping this, but the liquid ISK isn’t there at the moment. Good luck!

(Brenin Kane) #12

so you would buy it if u had the money; the problem is you don’t have the money?

(TxivYawg1) #13

21bil isk ready

(Maizie Fields) #14

Confirming 23 bil

(TxivYawg1) #15


(Maizie Fields) #16

23.5 bil

(Brenin Kane) #17

going once going twice

(Brenin Kane) #18

sold to maizie fields for 23.5bill
acct info and isk pls

(Brenin Kane) #19

ready when you are

(Zuluwise) #20

i am still wanting this pilot
isk ready