Selling carrier pilot

(Brenin Kane) #21

k dont send it yet cause Maizie Fields ( made an offer of 23.5bill. If u can do even better I might decide to trade it to you.

(Zuluwise) #22

i will wait as he did make a higher offer and i will be respectful

(Maizie Fields) #23

Edit: Let me know if your in game offer does not work out.

(Brenin Kane) #24

request denied isk sent back due to zuluwise offering 23.6bill

(Brenin Kane) #25

if it doesnt work out il ltake ur offer

(Zuluwise) #26

Sorry mate, i didn’t see your post and it had been 3 hours

i hope there are no hard feelings

(Maizie Fields) #27

No problem, all’s fair in the character trade ;=)

(Brenin Kane) #28

maizie fields is at 23.7bill

(Brenin Kane) #29

finally zulu wins at 23.75 bill THis post is concluded. currently accepting no other offers. :slight_smile:

(Zuluwise) #30

Thank you Brenin and Maizie for the conversation to conclude this amicably.

This was important to me to make sure this was not a bad transaction or misunderstanding.

(system) #31

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