WTS Super-Carrier Pilot 18m SP

104000 unlocated SP
Can fly Amarr Gallente Caldari - Carrier ; Buzzard

  • Located in highsec (Jita)
  • Positive wallet.
  • No kill rights
  • -0.9
    JDO 5
    JDC 5
    Gallente Carrier 4
    Caldari Carrier 4
    Amarr Carrier 4
    Fighters >34d for 5
    Support skills for fighers 4

SKILLBOARD https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Leucyn

I will pay PLEX for the transfer.
stard bid 16b
B/O 25b

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18b offer

@Debora_Lo Hi, I accept your offer. Waiting for a letter with the data account and ISK.

OK won’t be on for ~10 hours to give details, sorry

still selling?

@Mushroom_Kashada Yes. I received no letters no isk.

to the top

I’ll give you 16B - need to inject quite a few skills in order to bring it up to the standard I require.

to the top!

18b offer, I will send isk and account

@Fudousanya_Tuziniubi I accept your offer, wait ISK and start the transfer on Sunday.

Isk and account sent :smiley:

Character received. Thanks!

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