WTS: 72 Mill SP. Focused Near Perfect Super Carrier / Carrier Pilot (All racial carrier skills V)

Looking to sell this character, almost perfect super carrier / carrier pilot with 72 million SP.

Required Information:

Character is in Jita
1 Jump Clone in Berta VI
No Kill rights
Positive wallet

Character Highlights:

High-grade Ascendancy Implant Set
Very focused super carrier skills (Nearly all 72 mill SP just in carrier and nav/tank/engineering skills)
Min Carrier V
Caldari Carrier V
Amarr Carrier V
Gallente Carrier V
Fighter Hangar Management V
Fighters V
Light Fighter V
Heavy Fighter V
Support Fighter V
Nearly perfect Shield, Armor, and Nav skills
Multiple Hel skins
Re-map available

EveSkillboard Link

This is about the most focused super carrier / carrier pilot you could ask for.

Starting bid: 70 bill
B/O: 80 bill


Can you PM me

I don’t believe that these forums support user PMs. If you want to discuss this sale, you will have to do it here.

60bil offer

You know what? Ill take that offer.

Great, will send the isk and account details in 30 minutes.

isk and account info sent

Transfer started, enjoy!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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