[WTS] Focused Faction Supercarrier Pilot | 62m SP | Good Skins | Light/Heavy Fighters V, JDC V, ALL CARRIERS V

Super focused faction super pilot. Very little waisted SP. Has piloted both faction supercapitals.
Pilot abides by all rules: Character is in NPC corp, has a positive wallet, and has no killrights.

Skill Points:

  • 62.5m + 203k unallocated

Skill highlights:

  • ALL Carriers to 5
  • Jump Drive Calibration 5
  • Jump Fuel Conservation 5
  • Heavy + Light Fighters 5
  • Fighter Hanger Management 5
  • Cybernetics 5

Great supercarrier skins:

  • IGC Vendetta
  • Sebiestor Hel
  • Serpentis Victory Skins
  • Spirit Nyx


  • Mid-grade Ascendancy set + omega
  • EM-705
  • Zor’s Hyper Link
  • HG-1005

Bidding starts at: 52b
I will check evemails but dont expect good turnaround time.

still available

42b offer

daily bump

still for sale

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looking for a good home

still for sale

still waiting for a good home

up for sale

looking for a good home

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still available

isk and creds sent

transfer started. Private terms agreed on.