WTS 122M SP Perfect 3x racial Super pilot


This pilot is a specialized capital workhorse, able to fly 3 racial carriers and supercarriers at perfect skills, 1 racial dread, and 1 racial JF.

  • Amarr Carrier V
  • Caldari Carrier V
  • Minmatar Carrier V
  • Jump Freighters V
  • JDC V
  • JDO V
  • JFC V
  • Fighters V
  • Heavy Fighters V
  • Gallente Dreadnought V
  • All armor, shield and navigation skills at V

Virtually all relevant support skills at V except for Fighter Hangar Management at IV

  • Positive ISK wallet
  • Character located in Jita 4-4
  • No kill rights
  • Able to fly anywhere in highsec
  • Clone:
  • Full set of Mid-grade Ascendancy
  • Seller will pay for transfer fee, All CCP rules apply.

Starting at: 115B
B/O: 140B
This auction will end in 7 days exactly.

Disclaimer: The total profit from lobotomizing this toon is 110B isk ( math: https://pastebin.com/raw/GsHAkjSX )
If you lowball our starting price, you will be ignored: if no one wants the char for its abilities I will strip him of SP myself and settle for the base value.

Bump like a boss


Bump up

I can buy this avatar now. 115B buyout. How long to wait?

116B offered

24 Hour till end of Auction!

Auction is over in 4 hours. Current best offer is Vagos Pinkman for 116B.
Buy Out temporarily lowered to 120B!

Auction is over, character will be sold to best offer: Vagos Pinkman
Please send the isk and an evemail with your account name.

Sorry withdrawn could pull in the isk fast enought

Allright, then the best offer is Metolion Corbeau with 115B, send the isk and an evemail with your account name.

No answer from this guy METOLION CORBEAU, I’m putting up the character for auction again. 2 more days, starting now.

BUMP up the Super Pilot

I can pay you 110b right now. The math for lobotomy is bad, its more like 102b profit.

Auction is closed. Failure to meet reserve or ability to pay.

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