[SOLD] WTS focused G/M super pilot 16.2m sp

(ANI Chanlin) #1

Skill link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/ANI_Chanlin
Skill highlight: T2 Fighters, PVE ready.
Password: 123

In NPC corporation.
Located in highsec NPC station.
Positive security status.
Positive wallet balance.
No killrights.

Starting bid: 16.5 bil.
B/O: 19.5 bil.

I need a carrier character of about 20M skill points
WTB Super Carrier, (Hel/Nyx) Char
Buying Focused Nyx Super Toon!
(rain tt) #2

your skill link seems something wrong and i cannot see that

(rain tt) #3

oh, i forget the passsword ,sry

(rain tt) #4

well, 17b

(ANI Chanlin) #5

Thank you for your bid, will wait for a bit longer. :smiley:

(rain tt) #6

no problem…more or less i can only pay ths isk about tomorrow because i am not able to play the game now…haha

(Derek Pan) #7

18b if it is good :slight_smile:

(rain tt) #8

well, 18.5 is bidding

(Tasty Burger) #9


(rain tt) #10

are you joking? perhaps i can give a 18.65?

(Tasty Burger) #11

XD i need a carrier char :frowning:

(rain tt) #12

well i will pay about 19

(ANI Chanlin) #13

Bump, buyout updated.

(rain tt) #14

hmmm, 20 is a little high…

(Tasty Burger) #15

im not going over 19 so you keep it

(ANI Chanlin) #16

considering 3 capital books plus fighter books, i think 20 is reasonable.

(Tasty Burger) #17


(rain tt) #18

yeah, reasonable but not cheap…i do not need it in such a hurry

(Tasty Burger) #19

19.1 bil comon rain you get the other carrier without drones

(rain tt) #20

in fact the char is oinly 16.5sp a …giving 2.5b more is my max price