WTB SUPER CARRIER pilot,about 27m-40m SP

WTB Focus supercarrier pilot
about 27m-40m sp

I think 30B is reasonable

As u know, heavy fighter & light fighter is not full.I need more than skill injector to learn these 2 skills.

Lol no thanks, 30b is far from a reasonable offer :slight_smile:

whats ur target price

In the sale post there is an offer for 39b so I’d say higher than that

35b is my best offer

as u know recently CCP debuff sup carrier and its more than hard to farm safety in the whole systems.I think that super carrier account is hard to sell , it will be more difficult to sell in future. so 35b is reasonable and my best offer.

No worries, as I said I already have an offer of 39b. Personally I haven’t had any issue super ratting since the change and the 4th heavy fighter in some cases makes it easier. As for being harder to sell, watching the forums since the change contradicts your statement, Focused capital and super capital pilots still fetch a higher price.


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