Wtb nag pilot

wtb nag pilot

Perfect nag skills and super pilot, not sure if of interest :slight_smile:

What sort mate? I have a entirely nag focused t2 siege pilot, finishing off some level V skills. 20million SP.

yea im interested link skillboard


Based on other recent Nag pilot sales:

I’d look at a 25 Bil.

LMK if thats of interest.

it doenst have t2 guns

All good. I’ll wait to sell it when it finishes training.

Hey bud, check his skillboard again: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/X4N4X

I just injected him to T2 Capital guns.

He’s ready for sale and will be listed today at 25B.

Let me know if you’re insterested!



22 bil




may be Rev pilot will be suited 4 you?

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