Highly focused Nyx pilot. Polishing off fighter skills atm. 7 days from T2 Heavy Fighters and another 5 days after that until T2 Light Fighters.

Character is located in Jita 4-4
No kill rights
Positive wallet
Positive Sec Status
2 remaps
training +4’s in her head

Open to offers at this stage. Will accept a reasonable offer otherwise I will wait until the training is finished.

Edit: I should probably have mentioned this when I first posted. She has no corp or killboard history, completely blank slate.


You’re kidding right?

29 billion. This ever left the station? Not a playable char atm

Yes the character has left the station. I fail to see how its a non playable character being a dedicated Nyx pilot?

carrers/supers use fighters, not drones.
Be very carefull when describing what you are selling here. Rules are strict.

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Yes I am aware of that, and what category do fighter skills come under…drones…maybe if we click on the linked skill sheet we would see what skills the character actually has?

I actally did look:

Fighter Hangar Management / Rank 8 / Level: 3 / SP: 263,659 of 2,048,000 — Currently Training to 4
Light Fighters / Rank 12 / Level: 0 / SP: 0 of 3,072,000
Heavy Fighters / Rank 12 / Level: 0 / SP: 0 of 3,072,000
Support Fighters / Rank 12 / Level: 0 / SP: 0 of 3,072,000

9M SP still to polish before those skills shine it seems… Even with +4s that will take some time.

But yeah, if you want to inject the last SPs or just can wait it IS focused toward gallente super. That’s true.

Firstly, you haven’t refreshed the skill sheet, secondly it clearly states that the skills are being polished off, not trained. Secondly supers can’t use support fighters anymore, so unless you plan to use this character for just a thanatos, it is irrelevant. This character is dedicated to flying a Nyx, as the skills will attest. No where do I claim this to be a ‘perfect’ Nyx/Super pilot.


31B offer for the next 12 hours

Bump for today. Offer too low.

whats the lowest you would be willing to accept?

In game mail sent

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Bump for today


Today’s bump. Updated post description.

35B offer

Thank you for the offer, still a little low to give her away yet.

I’d be willing to pay 39 if you could wait a week or so