[SOLD] WTS - NYX Pilot 56M SP


  • 55 mil SP, 1.1m SP unallocated
  • Gallente Carrier V
  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
  • Capital Ships V
  • Fighter Hangar Management V
  • Support Fighters V
  • Fighters V
  • Heavy Fighters V
  • Light Fighters V
  • All Armor Resistances at V
  • Evasive Maneuvering V
  • Cybernetics V

Positive wallet, no killrights
Transfer wil be paid by seller.

Starting bid: 50b
Buyout: 55b





Retracting offer due to purchase of another character.

bump up


bump up

44b bo

bum up

45 and its yours

45 …?

Hey, buddy, I’m very interested in the characters you’re selling.
I would pay 45B for this role.
I am willing to pay P1,000 to transfer this role.

I am willing to pay PLEX 1,000 to transfer this role.

Hello, offer accepted for 45b. Please send the isk and i will initiate the transfer. Regarding the plexes, i cannot use them as using plexes to transfer characters ended aprox. 3 years ago. I will pay for the transfer.

Waiting for your answer.

I’m his friend, he will transfer funds in 6 hours

002 Eating chick

Ok. Please be aware that i am on a different timezone. GMT+3.

I’m logging into my account and will transfer ISK to you when the supplies are processed.

45B ISK paid (accept ISK character Annie Amatin), please check.
I will pay $20 to complete the transfer.